Release: 1.6.0

The main feature in the latest update is to allow for scrolling of the image within the device. This does call for large images so really consider load time if you’re using it. Check the Scrolling page for an example.


Release: 1.5.0


The latest release of Device Mockups is an overhaul on the code to provide cleaner and optimized output. Here are just a few of the following changes:

  • Conditional loading of styles and scripts based on if the shortcodes are used
  • Re-wrote the gallery shortcodes function to use WordPress gallery shortcode
    If you’re updating to 1.5 and are using dm-gallery, please change these to gallery
  • Simplified TinyMCE builder
  • Added internalization for translating

There aren’t many feature updates in this release but this is the first step in allowing me to build out add ons and better features.

If you’re having any issues, please post them to the support forum and if you’re needing to revert to 1.4, you can grab the latest here.

If you’d like to stay in the loop with updates, I’ve created a twitter account you can follow here.

Release: 1.4.0

In the latest release, I’ve added a gallery slider shortcode that uses FlexSlider to output a simple slideshow within the devices.

[dm-gallery include="331,330,329"]

How to

  • Upload images using the “Add Media” button
  • Choose “Create Gallery”
  • Insert the gallery into the device shortcode
  • Change “gallery” to “dm-gallery”
  • Change “id” to “include”


Updates and fixes

  • added FlexSlider
  • fixed a CSS  issue with iPhone 6
  • fixed stacking button in editor
  • reverted to node-sass
  • updated file structure

I’m still working out the kinks in this one but just let me know if you have any issues.

Thanks to Mark Eustace for suggesting the slider feature.

Release: 1.3.0

Ever since I released Device Mockups, I’ve gotten great feedback from the community. It is very much appreciated because your input only helps make the plugin better. One request I’ve heard is for more documentation for the plugin. In response, I have decided to create this site. It’s still in the works, but I’m hoping it will help you create your content with DM a little easier.

In this release


In the works

  • hiding for browsers and overall better support for hiding
  • updated Android devices
  • more options in the drop down